04 Apr 2018by Celia D. Luna

Travel: Mexico City

Travel: Mexico City

The more I explore Mexico, the more I love it. Luna and I managed to sneak in an editorial in the midst of traveling with our Peruvian Dance Group. These images were taken in The Frida Museum, The Pyramids of Teotihuacan and Xochimilco.

While editing the images, I found myself reminiscing about the fun Mariachis of Xochimilco, the delicious Aztecan soup I had for the very first time and the day I danced with the Aztec dancers in the Zocalo plaza. They were rehearsing and I almost got in trouble for joining them. They didn’t mind me joining them, but they had rules I had to follow before entering their circle; like getting a blessing and finding my position within the group. Once we settled that, it was a magical experience! The energy was so uplifting. Later, I found out that their routine and steps are dedicated to the harvest, fertility, earth, fire and water. How cool is that?

You know what’s also cool? That all the looks of this editorial were thrifted, from head to toe! (You can see our thrifting video here) Except for the amazing earrings by Candelario Design and the umbrella that we got at Teotihuacan. That goes to show you, that you don’t have to have a lot of money to buy sustainable pieces. Fast fashion is terrible for the environment and unethical. The shirt that you bought for $10 at Forever 21, H&M or Zara is not a piece that you will cherish but rather a piece that you will probably dispose of. The opposite of a vintage piece! That besides it’s quality, it also has history. I rather get a shirt at thrift store for less than $10. Waaaay more quality, cheaper, one-of-a-kind and environmental friendly. It’s win-win!





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